Following an impressive professional career, as a performer, Laurie Kanyok taught and mentored artists ranging from elite ballet dancers to principal Broadway performers as well as up and coming young artists.  She is in demand as a teacher and choreographer. Ms. Kanyok was an active consultant and recruiter for many Broadway shows including An American in Paris.  The natural progression for Kanyok was talent management. She is collaborating with Lakey Wolff & Co. to cultivate the professional careers of performers and choreographers.


Laurie recognized what was lacking for today’s young artists. In a city with countless commercial dance programs available, none filled the need to bridge the gap between the traditional dance studio/competition circuit environment, and the expectations of collegiate/professional endeavors.


Her passion and commitment to the next generation inspired her to develop KAI. The vision was clear. Unparalleled training with the industry’s most accomplished artists. Incorporate vocal instruction, acting classes and critical life skills necessary to be a versatile performer. 


The KAI vision has received overwhelming support from Laurie’s contemporaries. KAI Board of Directors are today’s most respected and celebrated in the professional community. 


Students accepted into KAI are passionate, committed, disciplined dancers who have a genuine desire to take their training to another level. KAI celebrates the individuality of each person, encourages personal growth under expert guidance while allowing them to explore their craft. 


KAI provides guidance and mentors Collective members in their chosen path. Whether that includes choosing the right college to pursue a degree or preparing to embark on a professional career in the performing arts. They will graduate confident and prepared to succeed.